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Call For Artists to Exhibit in New Mexico Hospital

My husband and I moved to Las Cruces, New Mexico in 2014 and have since relished all of the colors and beauty of this wonderful high dessert community. Not only have I spent our time here painting and doing photography as we explore this beautiful state. I even found myself serving as the art curator at one of our local hospital's, Memorial Medical Center. While the Pandemic has slowed our ambitious goal of exhibiting art throughout the entire hospital we are undaunted in our endeavors to bring art throughout the entire facility.

There is nothing more gratifying than when nurses and staff recognize me as the "art lady" and share how much they appreciate making their hospital a beautiful place to work! Even nurses find themselves at moments of stress and fatigue find comfort and solace sitting in an area surrounded with art. Best yet, we have created a place where artists and photographers can show and sell their work directly to anyone. We will be hanging new art in February, 2022. If you are interesting in participating please review the information below on how to submit work for consideration. CALL TO NEW MEXICO ARTISTS!

Memorial Medical Center is seeking to expand show casing New Mexico artists and add new works of art to include in the Administration Annex Building and into the main hospital and other related medical facilities.

1. Artist Eligible: Resident Artists of New Mexico

2. Beginning: January, 2021 - On-Going Initiative for Art

3. Artwork Mediums: Oil, Watercolor, Acrylic, Dyes, Collages, Ceramic,

Mixed-Media, Photography, Sculpture, Murals, Mobiles, Pottery, Weaving, Quilting, Stain Glass, Collage, and various other mediums. For indoor and out, all will be considered.

4. Styles: Realism, Impressionism, Contemporary, Abstract,

5. Themes: Open theme, but Hospital appropriate - Scenes, people, animals, contemplative, colorful, positive, uplifting, warm, friendly, comforting, humorous etc.

6. Size: Minimum 16x20 frame / No Maximum (many of the areas accommodate very large pieces) Art may be moved to various locations from time to time.

7. Art Prep: All art should be presented in a professional manner, ready-to-hang,

picture wire attached to the frame with D-rings installed exactly, 3 inches from the top

of the artwork. All pieces will be hung with anti-theft hanging system by MMC. Consider UV plexiglass for watercolors and spraying paintings for sun protection. This would be the artist decision.

8. Process for Exhibiting: Submit 3-4 jpgs of completed works to be considered.

Information for each piece:


a one-time first entry information - BRIEF BIOGRAPHY and PERSONAL PIC JPEG

9. EMAIL TO: Janice Jones, Hospital Administration:

10. Work Selected:

A. Artist will be notified as to which of their original works to bring in at a convenient time and date to the Administration Building on the Memorial Medical Center campus on Telshor Dr. in Las Cruces.

B. At the time the art is delivered artist will be asked to sign a liability waiver, dismissing Memorial Medical Center of any liability for the art on their premises and acceptance that there will be no Medical Center commission on art sold, however, sales are direct through the artist and a donation from art sold would be appreciated to the Memorial Medical Center (Arts Fund) for future art purchases.

NOTE: The Medical Center is creating an electronic artist file of work for the selection committee to choose art for specific areas in the Memorial Medical Center Complex. If you have nothing you would like to submit at this time, you can send jpegs of your art at any time by following the above procedure. Remember, This project is on-going.

We look forward to receiving your replies and

learning of your interest in this exciting project!

Thank You,

Cynthia de Lorenzi

For More Information Contact

Cynthia de Lorenzi at



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