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Bras and Boots of The Borderland

On Wednesday, November 16th Las Palmas Medical Center and Hospital hosted its first annual Bras and Boots of the Borderland.This event held a great deal of meaning to me, not only because I helped the Las Palmas team launch this event from inception to the gala evening.

This event was inspired by an event launched by Success in the City in Washington, DC called Cups Full of Hope. Cups Full of Hope was a heart-warming and thought-provoking art exhibition and fundraising event to benefit a regional non-profit, Tigerlily Foundation which helps support women confronting breast cancer!

Bras and Boots of the Borderland is also a thought-provoking art exhibition and fundraising event to benefit The Rio Grande Foundation that helps both men and women confronting cancers above and below the belt!

All of the submissions were creative and inspiring, especially with the stories of what inspired each artist!

A special thank to our three judges, John Hummer, President of Burrell College of Osteopathic Medicine, Estala Casas, News Anchor of KVIA 7 El Paso, and Jessy Castaneda - The City Magazine! The bra held by Estala Casas was one of the original bras designed for Cups Full of Hope.

Catering was provided by Sodexo, the Las Palmas Del Sol hospital catering arm. The food was incredible and the team did a beautiful job in preparing delicious and beautiful food for all of the attendees.

Cowgirl Tough was this beautiful submission!

The winner of our People's Choice Award who is an artist who just completed treatment for breast cancer the day before the event. She was so touched and honored to received recognition for her work.

It was so fun sharing my own art work with those in attendance at Bras and Boots of The Borderland! In fact, the two images you see on the far left will be going to The Burrell School of Osteopathic Medicine!

Our winner of The Peoples Choice Award with her work! It is beautiful!

Two of our great team members who made Bras and Boots possible, Jackie Frye on the left and Caryn Iverson, the CNO of Las Palmas Hospital!

A special thank you to Kim Riner Miller for sharing her incredible organizational skills that helped make Bras and Boots an amazing success!

A very special thanks to Oliver W. Hayes, DO, FACEP Associate Dean, Clinical Affairs at Burrell School of Osteopathic Medicine who won the auction for my painting Bras and Boots.

This very special evening was bittersweet! The painting I donated was created in honor of Connie Martinez who loved the color orange. Connie passed away from her battle with breast cancer the week before our event. The morning of our event was her funeral where I spoke about how she impacted my life and the lives of so many others! Connie never got to see the painting she inspired!

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