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Cynthia de Lorenzi Announces Her First Art Exhibit and Show in El Paso Texas

For immediate release - Artist, Photographer, TEDx and International Motivation Speaker Announces Exhibit of Color-Fueled Art at The El Paso International Museum of Art!

Las Cruces, NM – Cynthia de Lorenzi announced today that her series “Color-fueled” was selected to reflect her passion and draw to the colors of the Southwest! Cynthia de Lorenzi is recognized for her powerful expression through color and photography. She is also a TEDx Woman and international motivational speaker, expert interviewer and moderator, co-author and social media expert, producer, artist, and futurist. But it is her desire to resume her art career that has drawn her to move to the Southwest.

“I felt an intense pull to return to the Southwest to be surrounded by the colors that truly expressed how I felt about the emotive nature of a colorful palette” says Cynthia de Lorenzi!

Her “Color-fueled” series will reflect her artistic journey of color and form from living in DC to the move to New Mexico! You can see her work on display through November 30th!

Included in her exhibit is a painting she has submitted to the First Annual

Bras and Boots of The Borderland a charitable event to bring awareness of cancers above and below the belt. The event is hosted by the Las Palmas Hospital and Medical Center. Area artists designed boots and bras for auction at a gala on November 16 at The El Paso International Museum of Art!

Located in the Turney Mansion, 1211 Montana, El Paso, TX, the International Museum of Art is operated by the International Association for the Visual Arts. The museum features artwork by local and national artists.

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